Supreme Court Upholds 7 Million Won Fine for Ryu Siwon Physical Assault on Wife

OMG! Shocker! Actor and singer Ryu Siwon is needed to pay 7 million won fine for tracking his wife’s whereabouts and assaulting her.
He had appealed the decision made by the Seoul Central District Court on September 2013, in which they fined him for tracking, assaulting and threatening his wife. Now, the Supreme Court has upheld the initial decision and Ryu Siwon must pay the fine.

His wife sued him on February of 2013 for placing tracking devices on her car and cell phone in May 2011. He was also convicted of slapping her and threatening her when she confronted him about the tracking devices.

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[BREAKING UPDATE] Ladies’ Code Member EunB Revealed to Have Passed Away in a Car Accident + Two Members in Critical Condition


Hey all you Kpop! fans. There’s some breaking news I gotta tell you guys. I’ve been informed that EunB, a member from Ladies’ Code, has passed away from a car accident.
At around 1:20 AM in South Korea, the girls’ van ran into a protective wall in the vicinity of the Singal Intersection on the Yeongdong Expressway in the direction of Incheon. As a result of the accident, EunB passed away while the remaining six passengers were injured and rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital.
While the police are speculating they slipped because of the rainy road, they are currently investigating for more concrete details.
It has also been revealed that two members, Sojung and RiSe, are currently in critical condition.

We give our best wishes that they’ll be okay. And as for the family and friends of EunB, we deeply give our love and condolences.

WINNER’s Mino drops MV for solo track ‘I’m Him’!

There’s this BUZZ going around that a member from what is having a MV all to himself??

Ohhhh yea! Mino from WINNER!

Mino from the wildly popular YG Entertainment rookie group WINNER has released the music video for his solo track “I’m Him”!
He’s the member to have an entire MV to himself. “I’m Him”, a track from the boys’ debut album ‘2014 S/S’, was written by Mino and composed by Mino, Choice37, and Teddy.
Check out the MV below and comment just how cool it is.

Jay Park is Asked to Choose Between IU and Suzy

Jay Park had to choose his ideal type through a world cup on the August 29 installment of JTBC’s ‘Witch Hunt.’ On the show, he chose Suzy over Eunji and IU over Taeyeon, saying for the second one, “I originally did not like women like IU that much. I did not like the cute style very much, but now, [I like] slightly cute…Taeyeon recently got a boyfriend, so IU.”

This left him to choose in the final round between Suzy and IU. He said, “In Suzy’s case, I think the company [JYP Entertainment] would be against me, so I will choose IU.”

Round 2



Krystal Pulls Off the Flirty and Classy for ‘Etude House’

Etude House‘ released some stunning pictures of model Krystal, who returned to the pitch-black hairstyle that particularly accentuates her pretty facial features.

For this look, she definitely pulls off the flirty bright fuchsia lipstick she’s wearing. The style is pretty and fun, yet has a classy vibe in a snug, knitted sweater she wears in the photo that would be perfect for the cooler weather of Fall.







If you want the bold color Krystal is rocking in the shoot, look forward to the launching of ‘Etude’s ‘Dear My Wish Lipstick’ on September 1!

Ex-girlfriend of Kim Hyun Joong Releases Photos of Alleged Physical Injury

There’s been news going around that Kim Hyun Joong allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend and he would soon be brought in for questioning. His ex just recently released some photos of her physical injury and claims that Kim Hyun Joong is the one who inflicted this injury. Check out the photos below.

As mentioned before, Kim Hyun Joong will be brought in for further investigation, but as soon as he finishes his Asia tour promotions.

What do you guys think about all this? Do you really believe that Kim Hyun Joong is capable of doing this or is the ex just trying to create some attention? Comment below and share your thoughts!

Kim Woobin Suffers Knee Injury During Filming of ‘Twenty’

Oh no! Oppa got hurt??
Kim Woobin, was currently filming for his latest movie, “Twenty”, has suffered a knee injury and was sent to the hospital to recover.
When asked about the injury, his agency responded, “Woobin suffered from a minor injury and will take a few days off to recover.”

Kim recently finished filming “The Technicians” and is currently participating on the shoot of “Twenty.” The actor is to return to filming as soon as he recovers.

Well, we hope you get better real soon! Oh and to all you Kim Woobin fans out there, comment below and tell me what you would say to oppa and how would you give him your best wishes? xx